Update on Local School Construction Projects

The San Mateo-Foster City School District updates the public on progress of ongoing projects funded through Measure L.


Measure L was passed in February of 2008, ensuring $175 million "to improve the overall quality and safety of the local elementary and middle schools." 

Four years later, signs of how the school district is putting that money to work is all around us.

Staff members of the San Mateo-Foster City School District recently sent out an update on several projects taking place around the school district, and the progress being made:


  •  - Work is continuing on the modernization of the existing three (3) classroom wings and LGI which are scheduled to open when school starts again in August.  (Anticipated project completion: April, 2013)
  •  - The new LGI building and administration building are substantially complete. The classroom work is ongoing with new electrical, data, plumbing and mechanical work currently being done. Sheetrock finishing has begun in one of the classroom buildings. (Anticipated completion: October, 2012)
  •  - Classrooms are substantially finished with flooring still to be completed. The library and administration buildings are receiving new electrical, data and HVAC ductwork. The sheetrock work is ongoing in the library and administration building. The installation of the exterior finish panels has started on the three new buildings. The district will be moving the entire school to their new classrooms this summer. (Anticipated completion: August, 2012)
  • - Exterior stucco has been installed and the finish coat will be applied soon on the new 21,000-square-foot, ten-classroom and LGI building. Once completed, the building will be painted to match the existing campus. The interior sheetrock is also being done at this time; painting, cabinetry and other finishes will follow. The concrete retaining wall work continues for the new drop-off area. (Anticipated completion: August, 2012)


In addition, the school district reports, "Under Measure L, we are replacing the roofs on two schools this summer. The roofing projects are at Bayside STEM Academy and Horrall Elementary School. We are also going to be painting the exteriors of three of our schools this summer as part of the Deferred Maintenance plans to paint all of our schools over the next five years."

"The first three schools to be painted will be Highlands Elementary, and ."

For more information, visit the school district website.

San Mateo-Foster City School District also has a new Facebook page.


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TGD July 11, 2012 at 07:04 PM
I review and bid on many bay area school projects payed through various funds and have found many designed to utilize unnecessarily expensive materials and overly elaborate designs. It has always amazed me to hear about a school or district releasing staff due to budget shortfalls, yet these same facilities/districts are approving massive funding for construction projects like swimming pools.
Jennifer van der Kleut July 11, 2012 at 08:00 PM
TGD - when voted on, measures like Measure L have to specifically indicate to the public what the money will be used for. In this case, it was specifically earmarked for school repair/remodeling projects, and most measures specifically say "cannot be used for administrators' salaries," etc., and possibly teachers' as well. In other cases, I've seen measures go to a vote that are specifically earmarked for teacher retention and expanding science and math curriculum, etc.
TGD July 11, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Jennifer - My point is there are many school projects that in my opinion waste a lot of funds specifying materials that can cost astronomically more than what is necessary to construct whatever the project may need for functionality. Some Architects go for premium LEED design credits for the prestige of that being a part of their companies award/trophy case but run the project prices up to insane levels, but why should they care it is not their money.


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