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Notre Dame High School Invests in the Arts

A proposed art gallery at the high school will give students an opportunity to display their artwork.

students who want to explore new technologies in art and media, now have a new art and sculpture facility on their Belmont campus.

While offering a rich and diverse studio art curriculum, the new 2-D Art Department upgrade supports Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art courses as well as Beginning Art Studio courses.

, principal explains, "Our courses are well defined and rigorous with an emphasis on personal growth and introspection and the development of technical mastery through experimentation and innovation. Our program equips students with substantial expertise in the primary media, provides a solid grounding in design concepts, and develops literacy in current and past art genres which prepares students for college/university art programs and inspires creative thinking of all kinds."
Art teacher Margaret Lindsey shares, "The visual arts contribute to the holistic growth and development of well-rounded learners and offer students activities and opportunities dedicated to self-inquiry and self-expression. The Arts are culturally necessary, lend breadth and depth to our overall program, and are brain-based activities. Reviews of research on learning and the brain have repeatedly shown that the visually complex activities of creative problem-solving, invention and kinesthetic expression facilitate cognitive development and, thus, contribute to overall higher scholastic achievement."

Gleason says, “While many schools are reducing or eliminating the arts in their curriculum, we are blessed with strong financial support from our families, alumnae, alumnae parents and foundations.  This support enables us to continue our long-standing commitment to the arts at Notre Dame since its founding in 1851.”
A proposed art gallery adjacent to the classroom (Moore Pavilion east lobby) will offer students the opportunity to publicly display their artwork, and develop expertise in portfolio and presentation methods. "We look forward to the opportunity," continued Gleason, "to host social events in the space to showcase the students' art and acknowledge the benefaction of our donors who have made this gallery possible."

For more information, visit: www.ndhsb.org.


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