Joining Bone Marrow Database Could Save PE Teacher

Mt. Carmel Principal Teresa Anthony urges Peninsula residents to sign up for marrow testing drives.

Mount Carmel teacher Eugene Borja was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is undergoing treatment.

Eugene Borja is receiving treatment at Kaiser Permanente Hospital for the cancer, which affects the white blood cells that fight infections. It is mainly found in children, but can afflict adults too.

Principal Teresa Anthony sent out this note to encourage the community to test if they could be potential bone marrow donors.

During the holiday season, a miracle bone marrow donor match was made between a New York safety officer and Redwood City Executive Assistant Deanna LaCroix's son, saving the young boy's life.

From the Principal's Desk:

Dear Families:

As Mr. Borja continues to fight his leukemia, please remember to keep him in your prayers. Also, if you are of Pacific Islander or Asian heritage, we urge you to consider being tested as a possible bone marrow donor. Please read this article for more information about Mr. Borja and upcoming Asian American Donor Program marrow testing drives.

Teresa Anthony

Sallie May August 10, 2012 at 07:57 PM
See now that is a wonderful way to make a difference.


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