Abbott Students Learn Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Abbott Middle School students participated in Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education earlier this month.

Students from Abbott Middle School in San Mateo participated in pedestrian and bicycle safety education earlier this month as part of a greater effort to ensure safe routes to schools.

The San Mateo County Office of Education's Safe Routes to School student education program from Safe Moves Company took place on Dec. 4.

The education is part of a $300,000 grant awarded to the San Mateo-Foster City School District aimed at improving student health through walking and biking and increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

About 765 students attended the safety workshop that focused on pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The class consisted of lessons on:

  • Recognition and avoidance of common traffic collisions.
  • Understanding of driver and pedestrian/bicyclists behaviors.
  • Railroad crossings/trains.
  • Public bus/school bus transportation.
  • Understanding of traffic volume, traffic flow and traffic operations.
  • Explanation of California Vehicle Codes.
  • Safe behaviors in and around vehicles including buses, trains and trucks.
  • Physical, social and economic consequences of traffic collisions.

For additional information on Safe Routes to School (SR2S) or Safe Moves, please visit these websites:


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AviationMetalSmith December 15, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Bicyclists should follow "Defensive Driving" practices . Always yield to trucks, buses, and ambulances. Look to the left before pulling out, even to make a right turn. Look BOTH WAYS before crossing a street or making a Left turn. Get a rear view mirror for your bike, keep an eye on the mirror. Most drivers pass bicycles with adequate berth, but there are a few who are dangerous. I have six tail lights on my bike, three steady and three flashing. This is posible on account of LED's , Light Emitting Diodes . Back in the dark days, a flashlight or bicycle light would only last three hours, tops, before the batteries died. Nowadays an LED light can run more than a hundred hours on a set of AA or AAA batteries. So you can afford to run the lights in the daytime.


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