Proposition 37 and GMO food labelling

Many foods in our markets are now genetically modified. Given the lack of objective scientific proof these foods are safe, don't we have a right to know which are GMO?

From what I have been reading, I feel very strongly that GMO foods pose a serious health risk. Many of my associates agree.

I'd like to share a piece by Staci Joy, Board Certified Holistic Public Health Nurse:

It has become an inconvenient truth for me to finally understand the serious consequences that genetically engineered farming has on our national public health safety, especially among our children who are the most vulnerable to its potentially harmful effects. Here's the scoop: Since 1996, big agri-businesses like Monsanto have been getting away with genetically engineering our food supply by splicing deadly pesticides and antigens into the genes of major crop seeds, mostly soy, corn, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, wheat, cotton and soon, salmon and mosquitos. They won't stop until they've obtained a patent on every single seed, fish, animal, and every living organism in existence. So far, these foods have infiltrated just about every food item on the supermarket shelf that is non-organic. So what's the big deal anyway? It's a very big deal because this technology is potentially dangerous to humans (especially children) and livestock who eat GMO foods, wreaking havoc throughout their immune systems, gastrointestinal tracts, nervous systems, and reproductive tracts, potentially leading to diseases and sterility. It has not been proven safe, through independent testing, for long-term health effects. This is, without a doubt, the most serious public health disaster in man's history. (Read more here: http://www.stacijoy.com/)

Vote YES on Prop 37 in the upcoming November election! It requires the food industry to label Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) on their packaging. We have a RIGHT TO KNOW what is in our food and what we are feeding our children!

For more information on this crucial debate, follow these links:

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