Voter Guide: Review, Bookmark, Post, Share, and Above All — Vote!

Polls don’t win elections. Votes do. Here's some information to help you cast your ballot.

Register to vote online, vote by mail or vote at the polls. There are plenty of options this general election year to cast your ballot.

Mail-in voters have already received their ballots in the mail, there’s still time to register to vote online, and all the state Voter Information Guides were to be mailed out by Oct. 16. So it’s time to vote.

Here’s some important information to help you with the process.


Your Ballot Will Look Different This Year

This is the first year for open primaries so your ballot will look different. Your incumbent may not be listed because of redistricting. You may see two Democrats or two Republicans running for the same seat.

Remember that Prop 40 upheld the redistricting process and the State Supreme Court referred the Redistricting Commission’s plan to a referendum, which is Prop 40.


New This Year: Vote Online

You can now register to vote online. Last day to register to vote for the November General Election is Oct. 22, 2012. Register at registertovote.ca.gov. The process is pretty easy. Have your driver’s license number ready.


Mail-In Voters: Think 7s

Mail your ballot within 7 days of receiving it or a minimum of 7 working days prior to the election. Why? Budget cuts have slowed mail delivery in many places and you want your vote to count!

Also, you'll need TWO U.S. postage stamps on your ballot envelope to ensure it gets to Mark Church, Chief Elections Officer in San Mateo.

If you don’t cast your ballot via the mail within those 7 days, walk your ballot in to any polling place or county election office. For more details, visit the San Mateo County Elections Office website.


Dates to Vote By

• Oct. 8-30

Apply to Vote by Mail at the San Mateo County Elections Office.

• Oct. 22

Last day to register to vote for the November General Election. (The Voter Registration Form may be submitted online, by mail or in person to the Department of Motor Vehicles or to any National Voter Registration Act designated agency).

• Oct. 30

Last day for new residents to register to vote.

• Nov. 6

GENERAL ELECTION DAY. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Find your local polling place here.

Above all — VOTE!


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