State Unemployment Rate Dips in November

California's unemployment rate decreased to 9.8 percent last month, while San Mateo County's remained below the state line at 6.2 percent.

California’s unemployment rate decreased to 9.8 percent in November, state officials announced this week.

San Mateo County's unemployement rate measured 6.2 percent last month, one of the lower rates for the counties in California.

According to data from the Employment Development Department website, nonfarm payroll jobs decreased by 3,800 during the month for a total gain of 564,100 jobs since the recovery began in February 2010.

The U.S. unemployment rate decreased in November to 7.7 percent.

In October, the state’s unemployment rate was 10.1 percent, and in November 2011, the unemployment rate was 11.3 percent.

The unemployment rate is derived from a federal survey of 5,500 California households.

Nonfarm jobs in California totaled 14,406,400 in November, a decrease of 3,800 jobs over the month, according to a survey of businesses that is larger and less variable statistically.

The survey of 42,000 California businesses measures jobs in the economy. The year-over-year change (November 2011 to November 2012) shows an increase of 268,600 jobs (up 1.9 percent).


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