New California Law Protects Religious Attire at Work

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill over the weekend that requires California employers to accommodate religious attire of employees.

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that requires California employers to accomodate employees' religious attire and clarifies requirements for employers to ensure there is no job discrimination, according to an article posted Sunday on ABC7.com.

The new law may help the case of a Muslim woman who sued Disneyland last month claiming she was fired from a hostess position after refusing to remove her head scarf, the article stated.

A similar incident also reportedly occurred on the Peninsula. Last year, a Foster City woman Abercrombie & Fitch for , saying she was “completely shocked” when she lost her job after she had been working at a retail store at the  for four months. 

"Assembly Bill 1964 makes very clear that a dress code that is imposed by an employer must still accommodate religious attire. And so, so long as there is no undue hardship imposed on the employer, they are going to need to say you can wear that head scarf and you can wear that turban," said Zahra Billoo-Cair, Executive Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Bay Area chapter.

Brown was joined by several members of the Sikh community wearing turbans and head scarves for the bill signing ceremony over the weekend, according to ABC7.com.


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Steve Hayes September 11, 2012 at 04:23 AM
I support religious dress diversity. However, I only support the head scarf on Muslim women if they (the women) really want to wear the head scarf. I view the parctice as blatent descrimination against women - they do not have to "sit in the back of the bus" any longer unless they choose to do so!
B September 11, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Our state has very serious financial issues. I don't really care if someone wears a scarf or not and I doubt most people do. Too bad the Guv is using these types of ploys to escape responsibility for doing something that would actually help people.


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