Meet Your DNC Delegate: Alexis Lewis

Check out what your local democratic delegate has to say about the upcoming DNC.

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Republicans and Democrats will hold their national conventions over the next few weeks. The GOP will take center stage next week as the Republican National Convention is held in Tampa. Democrats will converge on Charlotte the following week.

Foster City's sole democratic delegate agreed to answer the questions below for Patch.

1. How did you become a delegate for the Democratic National Convention?

I won the delegate seat in a Democratic congressional district caucus held in South San Francisco on 04/30/12.   I was very humbled by the number of family and friends that showed up on a Sunday afternoon to vote for me. 

 2. Why did you want to become one?

 I've volunteered and supported national, state, and local Democratic candidates for several years. Four years ago a dynamic young man inspired me and our country with six simple words, “We are the change we seek.”  In spite of the disorder he inherited, President Obama is slowly but surely putting us back on the right track.  For the sake of my granddaughter Kennedy’sgeneration, I need and want to be part of that change.    

3. What are you doing to prepare for the Convention?

I volunteer with CD12South for Obama For America team by making calls to swing states and performing data entry. (CD12 is actually CD14 but all on the organizations have not been updated with the new congressional redistricted numbers.)  I assist with voter registration, phone banking and other volunteer activities at the Democratic HQ in Belmont.   

 4. What do you hope to take away from the Convention?

I want to come home more energized and ready to continue my part in President Obama's re-election.    

5. Who are you most looking forward to rubbing elbows with?

I'm looking forward  to seeing First Lady Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Also California's congressional, senate and state leaders.  I'm also hoping to see one of my favorite social and political activist, George Clooney! 

6. What important issues do you want to address with other delegates at the Convention?

The creation ofinfrastructure jobs, support for public education  and teachers, healthcare programs, programs that support the elderly and women while ensuring our environment is protected.  I'm very confident these issues and others will be addressed during the Democratic Convention and our President will have clear and defined plans for successfully accomplishing these issues.     

7. How important is it to represent your hometown at the Convention?

This is a historic occasion and I'm extremely proud to be representing Foster City in Charlotte!


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