Local Deli Closed Due to Cockroach Infestation

Another San Mateo/Foster City eatery has been closed down for health code violations, including the presence of cockroaches.

A deli on the San Mateo/Foster City border was closed down by the San Mateo County Health System last week for a slew of health code violations, including a cockroach infestation.

Southwest Concessions, a deli located at 2001 Chess Dr., was closed down Sept. 19 for the following violations:

  • Employees not properly washing hands and using gloves when handling food
  • Lack of facilities or proper supplies to adequately wash hands
  • Food contact surfaces not properly cleaned and sanitized
  • A cockroach infestation

According to the County Health System's website, Southwest Concessions has been receiving less than stellar marks from health inspectors over the past couple of years. Back in 2009, the business was receiving grades of "good" or "excellent," but it appears things started slipping in 2010. Since March of 2010, the best mark the deli has been given is "adequate" or "fair."

In fact, in an inspection in September of 2010, rodents or insects were found, and utensils and equipment were found to be not clean. Officials followed up the next day and recorded that all violations had been reconciled so the deli was not closed down.

On another visit, employees were found to be improperly using tobacco products in the workplace.

County Health System representatives report that it took a few days and several follow-up inspections before Southwest Concessions was deemed safe to re-open for business. The business is currently open.

This closure comes not long after after inspectors repeatedly found rodents in the restaurant, and two Foster City eateries were closed down. Togo's was closed for one day due to lack of hot water for adequately washing hands and equipment, and Buri Tara Thai Cuisine was found to not be cooking meats long enough to effectively kill bacteria, and operating without a permit.

Patch will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.


Have you eaten at the Southwest Concessions deli before? What were your impressions of the business? Tell us in the comments.


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