Beresford Students Send Care Packages to Soldiers

Kindergarten and first grade students put some boxes of cookies together and writing cards of encouragement, and thank you's to the soldiers.

 's Daisy Troop 62043, a mixture of kindergarten and first-grade students, sent cookies and hand-written cards to soldiers in Afghanistan on Thursday.

When San Mateo mom Kathy Flocas learned she was in charge of May's pedal badge, Consideration and Caring, she thought the girls needed to get a taste of what's going on in the world.

She asked them what a soldier was, and almost all the girls knew a soldier is a person who protects our country from others who want to do harm.

The girls wrote thank you's for protecting our country and said they knew the Pledge of Allegiance. The girls colored "We Salute You" coloring pages, wrote individual cards to each service member, then helped pack two boxes full of cookies while earning their Consideration and Caring Petal, as well as a 'We Support The Troops" badge.

The students are sending the boxes to Flocas' husband's cousin, Sergeant Major. Paul Klikas of the U.S. Army. Klikas and his 10 soldiers have been deployed to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan since October 2011.

"We just wanted to thank the soldiers by giving them a little 'taste from home'," Flocas said. "What more could bring back memories of home and loved ones then a Girl Scout cookie?"

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