Anti-Romney Activists Hand Out Pink Slips at Farmers Market

Farmers market-goers got more than strawberries and sunflowers in nearby San Carlos on Thursday - many were handed 'pink slips' by the a political action group MoveOn.org.


As shoppers arrived or departed the farmers' market at the corner of Laurel and Olive streets in San Carlos Thursday evening, they were handed "Romney-Ryan pink slips" by members of Mid Peninsula MoveOn.org with the message, "You're fired!!"

The pink slips symbolized the group's position on to the Republican presidential ticket.

As stated on its website, MoveOn.org, "Ryan's proposed budget would cost America more than a million jobs in less than one year and tank the economy." And, "Romney would change the tax structure in a way that would lead to more jobs being created—overseas."

Nationwide, the group's members were hoping to distribute one million pink slips Thursday, concentrating on gathering in high traffic areas like farmers markets with the goal of reaching key voters - women, people of color and young people. 

Historically a blue state, with a majority of Californians supporting the re-election of President Obama, MoveOn.org's regional organizer Cilla Raughley explained, "We still need to get the word out in the swing states, and here in California we have three to six Congressional seats that could swing from Democrat to Republican. And we need to get rid of Dan Lundgren. That would be a happy day!"

Raughley added that in a recent poll of MoveOn.org members, over 95 percent were Obama supporters. "It's a slam-dunk for Obama," she said.

Some market-goers accepted the pink slips in stride, while others were a bit more vocal in their opposition of the group's efforts. One man drove slowly by and yelled out his window to a MoveOn.org sign holder, "Why don't you stick that sign where the sun doesn't shine?!"


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frank August 20, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Did they do anything about the outrageous prices at farmers markets??!!


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