A Look at Restaurant Inspections in Foster City

How did your favorite local eatery fare?

Bugs. Dirty hands. Contaminated surfaces.

Are you getting more than you ordered when you eat out in Foster City?

Food facility inspection results, including any violations for which an establishment was cited, can be found online using the Restaurant and Food Inspection Results search tool at the county website.

Consumers can search the results for Foster City—as well as any city in San Mateo County—by business name, street name, or city.

To see how local restaurants, watering holes and stores fared, click the name of the business in the search results for details from the most recent inspection. Information shows the major and minor violations at each establishment, the closure history, and overall health code compliance.

Businesses are shut down when they present present an imminent health risk due to major violations. Current closures are reported on the Food Facility Closures page.

According to the website, closed businesses remain on the list until corrective action is taken and the facility is permitted to re-open. Repeat offenders are subject to an administrative hearing.


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