Utility Workers Mistakenly Thought to Be Burglars

After warning locals that would-be burglars were going around neighborhoods pretending to be PG&E employees, police discovered that they actually were working for the utility company.


Recently, Patch reported that in order to try and gain access to residents' homes.

However, Burlingame police have since learned that the men they believed to be burglars actually were legitimate contractors working on behalf of PG&E.

Police were first alerted to the suspicious activity on Aug. 28, when residents on Poppy Drive and Drake Avenue in Burlingame called to report a man checking gas meters at their homes, Sgt. Don Shepley said.

In both cases, an individual had identified himself as a PG&E employee and asked to enter the backyard to check the meter for leaks, Shepley said.

A third such incident occurred on Aug. 30, prompting police to issue a warning telling residents that burglars could be posing as PG&E workers to  try and gain access to homes.

However, following an investigation, police learned last week that all three incidents involved contract workers employed by Energy Experts International, doing work for PG&E, Shepley said.

The workers should be wearing clothing with the Energy Experts logo and carrying PG&E company identification cards.

Police still advise residents to never let strangers into their home and to always ask workers for identification. If there is any question, don't hesitate to call police.

- Bay City News Service


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