Teen Sex Offender Faces 2 Years in Prison

Justin Shing crept into a house and masturbated on a sleeping girl in May, 2012.

Justin Shing faces up to two years in prison.
Justin Shing faces up to two years in prison.
A Foster City college student will see his time at UC Riverside postponed soon.

Justin Scott Shing, 19, entered a no contest plea in June to multiple child molestation-related felony and misdemeanor counts.

According to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office, in May, 2012, Shing crept into the bedroom of a 17-year-old girl past midnight in, pulled back her sheets and masturbated over her, leaving semen on her sheets.

Three months later, a man found Shing in his 9-year-old daughter's bedroom at 3 a.m., staring at the girl's bed on his hands and knees. The man grabbed Shing and called the police, DA's Office notes reveal.

Shing was expected in court Wednesday morning for a pre-sentence report. His plea deal guarantees him no more than two years in prison.

His trial and sentencing were previously delayed so he could finish his semester at UC Riverside. He has been out of jail on $100,000 bail.


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