Kumra Murder: Woman Charged With Accessory to Home-Invasion Killing

Two-page criminal complaint also alleges Alameda resident Raven Chanel Dixon committed offense at direction of criminal street gang.

A two-page criminal complaint against the fourth suspect in the slaying of Monte Sereno businesman Raveesh "Ravi" Kumra accuses Alameda resident Raven Chanel Dixon as being an accessory to his murder.

Dixon, 22, is charged with one count of harboring, concealing and aiding in the Nov. 30 home-invasion killing where

The criminal complaint, filed Dec. 20, alleges Dixon committed the offence "at the direction of, and in association with a criminal street gang, with the specific intent to promote, further, and assist in criminal conduct by gang members ... "

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Smith is trying the case. Police authorities and prosecutors involved in the investigation are remaining silent as to motive in the killing saying releasing information too soon could compromise the ongoing inquiry.

Steven Clark, a legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, explained while the men are eligible for the death penalty, Dixon would not be. "Accessory after the fact means that after a crime has been committed you helped someone escape ... or you impede the investigation ...," he said.

Clark also said the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office appears to be using what's called the "felony murder rule," which means that if the men went to the Monte Sereno mansion to commit the robbery only, but Kumra died during the commission of the felony, the DA can use that against the men.

"Even if you're in the other room and one of the defendants ... killed him and you only went there to rob, not to kill anybody, you can still be guilty of murder under the felony murder rule, a prosecutor's best friend," Clark explained. "It's used as a deterrent to criminal behavior. Certain crimes are so inherently dangerous, like a robbery, that if you engage in that crime, you can be charged with murder, even if you didn't commit murder."

To read the entire criminal complaint for Dixon, please see attached PDF.


Sheila Sanchez January 11, 2013 at 01:02 AM
What could have been a five-year sentence becomes a life sentence, or the death penalty, when someone dies during the commission of another felony, according to legal analyst Steven Clark.
bob emerson January 15, 2013 at 07:58 AM
Yes, the Felony Murder Rule! I have heard of this. I think many people might disagree with the felony murder rule. They find the rule unfair since it doesn't take into account the criminal's intent to kill. Since a criminal can be charged with murder for someone else's act, the law doesn't differentiate between a person who has bad intentions and one who has no bad intentions. But I believe the death penalty could be considered on a major player of the felony who acted with extreme indifference to human life. I think the key here is extreme indifference to human life. Was there?, or will the felony murder rule just be used as a bargaining chip to put these guys away? I think they are going to need a good attorney, that's for sure! I'm sure you let us know the details as the case is released.
Free Raven Dixon Wrongly Accused March 27, 2013 at 06:50 AM


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