Who Do You Trust With Your Car?

Auto repair shops; people seem to love them or hate them.


Who do you trust - with your car?

It can be tough finding the right person or auto repair shop.

Let's face it, for many Californians, our cars are our lifeblood, and we don't want any hemmoraging to take place when it's time for a little maintenance.

Personally, seven years ago I found a mechanic in Burlingame I trust - as they say - to the end of the earth. Stephen, at Carolan Auto, never tells me I need work that isn't necessary. His work always stands the test of time; I never have to return to him to fix something he fixed in the first place. He's efficient, he finishes the work when promised, and he looks at the big picture.

Now, this doesn't mean I wouldn't go to a Millbrae mechanic if I needed work. On the contrary. My bet is that there are tons of good, local under-the-hood guys that'll take care of you in a great way, and you'll be very happy.

Who do you trust with your car, or SUV, or truck? Let us know in the comments, so others can share in your good luck.

Leslie Chen April 26, 2012 at 12:53 AM
I like Alan at Precision Auto in San Bruno. Very nice, honest, helpful and hard-working. 650-589-5529. 1018 Montgomery Ave. it's in the neighborhood on the other side of the tracks from Tanforan.


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