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PHS Adopts an Olympic Touch

The happy new owner of two unwanted Peninsula Humane Society kittens won two Olympic diving medals in the 1948 London Games.

Continuing last week’s topic, I’ll share a quick story that hopefully further helps calm public fears and concerns associated with a current PHS/SPCA adoption promotion -- no adoption fees for all cats and kittens – that caused the fur to fly, raising hackles and eyebrows.

Meet Patty Homan (nee Elsener).  She’s an accomplished athlete, an Olympic champion. I’m quite sure you’ve never heard of her. You couldn’t pick her out of a group of two, in fact.

Patty was among the 116 cat adopters over the past 10 days who either visited after learning about our promotion or was pleasantly surprised to learn of it after she visited.  Either way, she went home with two kitties and all parties could not be happier.

In the course of our adoption counseling session, Patty opened up; she lost her husband and their beloved dog this past year. She was feeling incredibly lonely and thought she might adopt a cat (or a pair of bonded kitties) for companionship. 

While chatting, we also learned Patty had another story. She won silver and bronze medals for diving (3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform) in the 1948 Olympic Games. She could have made it a repeat and gone back to the ’52 games but was pregnant. 

We’ll accept that excuse!

After Patty took a few days to settle in with her new cats at home, she called back. She correctly sensed that we were all pretty jazzed about meeting an Olympic champion and that we just might like to see her hardware. She was back in a few days, medals in hand, and we all took turns holding them.

Not every adopter since our promotion began has an extraordinary story like Patty’s, but they’ve all given our adoption counselors reasons to be equally happy about their adoptions.

Posey and Miss Daisy, Patty’s cats, have done well for themselves after a rough beginning, essentially dumped as unwanted kittens. Just like their new “mom,” a former platform diving champion and local gal who made good even though she had a fear of heights!


wolfone October 29, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Lots of Humane societies are doing low cost or no cost Cat & Kitten adoptions...they screen very carefully, its not like putting a pet out on Craigs list? And look this kitty got a awesome home. My dog Marhmellow that I got from PHS in 2007 is 11 today! I'm very grateful to PHS and Staff for my awesome girl and I'm sure Patty and the other people that adopted cats are too. People need to be upset at all the unspayed Cats & dogs and people are moving and can't keep their pets. I'm so grateful to PHS my Marshie was there for 5 mos. She would of been PTS somewhere else.


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