Observe Yom Kippur 2012 in Foster City

Find out where and how to observe the Jewish holiday in your community.

Yom Kippur is, in short, the holiest day of the year in Jewish religion and culture. It is also referred to as the “Day of Atonement,” and the tradition is to solemnly fast for repentance and atonement of sins.

Yom Kippur marks the end of the annual High Holy Day period (Sept. 16 to Oct. 8 in 2012), which begins with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

According to the Jewish calendar, a holiday begins at sunset on the previous night. On Sept. 25, observing Jews will celebrate Yom Kippur at sunset.

While Peninsula Temple Beth El and Peninsula Sinai Congregation are San Mateo and Foster City's local synagogues, there are a number of others nearby offering Rosh Hashanah services. Here's a quick look at a few other temples around the mid-Peninsula:

Yom Kippur falls annually on the 10th day of Tishrei, a Jewish month, which is nine days after the first day of Rosh Hashanah.

To observe Yom Kippur, one should eat and drink festively the day before—once early in the day and once later, before Kol Nidrei synagogue services. Then, for almost 25 hours, the day is spent in the synagogue without eating, drinking and other restrictions.

After the fast, another festive feast, or a yom tov, is customary.

To celebrate the High Holy Days and holiday period before Kol Nidrei and after the Yom Kippur fast, many Jewish specialties are made. But there are a few staples that usually make their way onto the table. Try a honey cake, noodle kugel or brisket.

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