Locals Bask in American Pride

At Leo Ryan Park on the 4th, Foster City residents and visitors celebrated the Fourth of July and answered the question, “What do you love best about America?”


On beautiful July 4th morning, hundreds of people relaxed by the lake as they took in the scent of cool breeze and barbeques.

On this, America’s 236th birthday, people answered the question, “what do you love best about America?”

Some residents answered "in the moment."

“The food”, said a gentleman grilling a hamburger.

“Beer,” said another.

Others were more profound.

“There isn’t any one anything - you melt it all together and you come up with America,” said Frank Avila, referring to diversity.

In this period of recession, some counted their blessings.

“I got a job, I’m alive, and I’m taking care of my kids,” said Patricia Culberson, who was enjoying the holiday with her family.

Many new Americans marked the holiday by celebrating the contrast between America and their home countries.

“Clean streets; compared to my country”, said Gabe Segovia who recently came to the United States from Peru.

Many others unsurprisingly spoke of the freedom people enjoy in America.

“Whatever your views, people will listen,” said Vishal Modi, eating a hot dog with a diverse set of friends.

In the heart of the Silicon Valley, others praised the economic engine that fuels the economy.

“We’re open to innovation,” said Jamie Gajewski.

Openness seemed to be the core theme of all of the comments that morning, whether it was openness to new people or new foods, or even new points of view.

From everyone here at Patch, we hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

Do you have an answer to the question, "What do you love best about America?" Share it with us in the comments below!


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