ILLEGAL GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac N Cheese??

KRAFT GMO Warning Label
KRAFT GMO Warning Label
Last night's news and other media showcased that Kraft Mac & Cheese is made with Genetically Modified Wheat. Attached is a picture of the warning label that is placed on a box of Macaroni and Cheese (the same one we buy here) imported into the UK from the United States. The UK and other European countries require a warning label if a product contains artificial food dyes or GMOs. This label has a warning for both! The fact that Kraft is using genetically modified (GMO) wheat in their Mac & Cheese is SERIOUSLY ALARMING for a number of reasons. GMO Wheat is not approved by the USDA for U.S. Farming. So where the heck is Kraft getting this wheat to put in their Mac & Cheese? Last night in breaking news, it was discovered that GMO wheat had been illegally growing in Oregon. So this begs the question – is there illegal GMO wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese? The USDA is investigating the illegal crop in Oregon – Don’t you think they should investigate companies that are using GM wheat like Kraft too? If Kraft is not using GMO wheat grown in the United States, they could be getting genetically engineered wheat from other countries that allow the production, and are importing it into the US. It is crazy to think that a company could be importing a crop that is not approved for use in the US and putting it our products without labeling! There is only one other likely scenario for the GMO Declaration on Kraft’s Mac & Cheese. The farm land that wheat is grown on in the US is so contaminated from GMO crops like corn and soy, they have no choice but to declare our wheat genetically modified on the warning label when exported to other countries. This fact is very concerning if true and has dire implications for the entire farmland here in America. If Kraft is using illegal GMO wheat in Mac & Cheese – are they using it in the rest of their products too? To truly understand the GMO industry I recommend you watch the following movies: Genetic Roulette. Food Inc, The Future of Food, and King Corn. Here are the Top 5 GMO Foods in America: 1- Corn 2- Wheat 3- Soy 4- Conola 5- Sugar - specifically from Sugar Beets.

Bottom Line, if the ingredient isn't labeled Organic or Non-GMO, there is a high chance that it is a GMO Food.

There has never been a time in history where one MUST read the food label ingredients before purchasing food.

In the end, you truly are what you eat.

Aloha and yours in Health,

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