Toys R Us Waives Layaway Fees Through October

Customers will not be charged the usual $5 fee on orders placed before Oct. 31.


Toys R Us is waiving its usual up-front $5 service fee for all layaway orders placed in stores through Oct. 31.

The company announced the move on Monday.

The company touts the move as giving shoppers flexibility in making payments on purchases for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Participants will have until Dec. 16 to pay off their purchases.

“We continue to look for ways to help our customers stretch their budgets, and by taking advantage of this free layaway option, they can make a series of small payments over time, as they begin to think about what might be on their children’s holiday wish lists,” Troy Rice, executive vice president of stores and services for Toys R Us, said in a statement.

All toys at Toys R Us stores and most items at Babies R Us stores are eligible to be placed on layaway, not including diapers.

The $5 fee will begin being applied to layaway orders again for those placed after Oct. 31.

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