SportsHouse to Celebrate Long-Awaited Grand Opening This Weekend

After 2.5 years of permits, planning and building, the area's first indoor sports arena, cafe and birthday party spot will open its doors to the public this Saturday.

Marcus Maita says he has been waiting for this day for so long, now that it's here, it's surreal.

"This has been a long time coming," he said.

Maita is speaking about the grand opening of his new business, SportsHouse - an indoor sports arena where people of all ages can come and play sports such as soccer, flag football, basketball and volleyball in a well-lit, safe, climate-controlled facility, with friendly coaches.

After 2-and-a-half years of work getting the necessary permits and approvals and making over the space to transform it from a beer distribution facility to a sports arena, Maita and his brother Brian Wood and their staff will throw open the doors to SportsHouse this Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 3 and 4, for an Open House event.

Though the process has been a long road, Maita said he and Wood are thrilled that the family beer business is being transformed into a family-friendly business that will benefit the entire community.

"The support and feedback of the community and our neighbors and all the officials has been nothing but positive," Maita told Patch on Friday. "And, if anything, all the time it took gave us plenty of time to really think, get all our ducks in a row, and make sure we're doing this right."

"And, we're really happy that this new business will alow us to stay in the community we've been a part of for more than 26 years," he added.

What SportsHouse will offer

Walk through the front doors at 3151 Edison Way and one can't help but marvel at all the wide open space - all 75,000 square feet of it.

Straight ahead and to the left are two lush, green fields of synthetic green grass, perfect for a game of soccer, lacrosse or flag football. Large digital screens for keeping score hang on the walls, amid brightly-colored, sports-themed paintings created by local artists, just for SportsHouse.

To the right is an area that Maita said will eventually be a cafe and three private birthday party rooms. The cafe will serve refreshments such as burgers, pizza and salads.

Maita said he hopes the cafe and private rooms will be open by mid-January - although, Wood said they have already booked at least 10 birthday parties, even though the rooms aren't finished yet.

"The moms and kids are walking through here and they're just blown away," Wood explained.

SportsHouse has hired a staff of coaches and plans to hold programs for young kids - such as Little Kickers, a program teaching soccer to kids as young as 18 months, up to 9 years old - as well as sports leagues for adults.

"All our coaches are local and have grown up around here, and they have great child development skills," said Wood.

SportsHouse will also host fitness classes such as Zumba, and eventually, NorCal Crossfit will be occupying space.

Sharing space with the Sheriff

In addition to being one of most unique sports- and fitness-themed businesses in the area, SportsHouse is also the newest partner organization of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.

SAL, the Sheriff's Activity League, will be occupying offices in the SportsHouse building, and will have the chance to host activities in the arena.

"We're thrilled. It really ties in perfectly with what we're doing," Maita told Patch. "Plus, what could be better than the added security of six to eight full-time Sheriff's [deputies]? Most parents we've talked to really appreciate it."

Being a good neighbor

Maita and Wood say they fully plan to do right by the neighborhood they are located in. Though Maita said he knows some residents were concerned about a potential increase in traffic when the SportsHouse was first proposed, he said he thinks it will actually be more pleasant for everyone as a sports complex than it was as a beer distributor.

"As a beer distributor, we were a 24-7 business; there was noise coming from here and beer trucks making deliveries at all hours of the night," Maita said. "So, as the SportsHouse, it will be a lot [calmer and quieter]."

"We really think this place will fill a recreational void in this area," Maita continued. "And, we hope it helps to boost other local businesses as well - that people spend money at gas stations, restaurants and shops in the area when they come here. And, we think it could possibly help enhance property values of homes, plus we're creating dozens of new jobs for the people who work here too."

The public is invited to SportsHouse's Open House weekend, this Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 3-4, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Tour the facilities
  • Enjoy free refreshments
  • Play on the fields and meet the staff and coaches
  • Little Kickers (18 months to 9 years) enjoy a free trial class
  • Sign up for upcoming leagues and classes
  • ...and much more!

SportsHouse is located at 3151 Edison Way in Redwood City, in the North Fair Oaks neighborhood. Call 650-362-4100 or visit www.sportshouseonline.com.


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