Facebook Adds Voice Memo To Messenger Service

The Menlo Park-based social media company is expanding mobile products.


Facebook is working on adding phone calls to its mobile product, a move that fulfills Mark Zuckerberg’s promise to focus on mobile in 2013. 

An update released this weekend to Facebook’s messenger app for both iOS and Android devices added a voice message feature. 

Tapping the “+” button activates a red record button, which when touched will record a short voice message that can be sent to a Facebook friend.

This feature is one of many that the Menlo Park-based social network is constructing.  Another feature, only available to Canadians at the moment, is the ability to make a full-fledged phone call.

The social media company has not declared when they plan to make that feature available to users in the United States, although anyone in the world with the messenger app can send voice messages. 

These two products put arrows in the company’s quiver, adding ammunition in the competition for a share of the market dominated by Skype and Google.

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