Patch's Guide to Foster City's Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks

Wondering how to celebrate the Fourth? We've got the scoop.

Foster City's annual Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks will take place today with events starting at 8 a.m. and finishing with a fireworks spectacular at 9:30 p.m.

"Join the city of Foster City, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Foster City Lions Club for a spectacular Fourth of July celebration at Leo Ryan Park," encouraged organizers in a statement. "We have an exciting day planned with a parade, games, a dog show, and live music! Be sure to take a walk through the park where you can purchase food, visit booths of local artists, and check out the children’s rides."

The fireworks , but the council decided to keep the event with the help of local donations. However, the city is still in need of monetary help to put the event on.

"We accept donations to our Foundation to support the Fourth of July event all year long, so [residents] can still donate to support our fireworks show if they are so inclined," said Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Miller.

Financial issues aside, the City is ready to celebrate the Fourth in full Foster City-style. The fireworks show over the lagoon, put on by Pyro Spectaculars, will begin promptly at 9:30 p.m.

"We're prepared and ready for another great Fourth of July," Miller said. "I would encourage all that attend to enjoy all the activities of the day, from the pancake breakfast, parade, games, dog show, booths, food and music. The fireworks are the icing on the cake!"


Where to Watch the Fireworks

The firing line site for the fireworks show is located at the west end of Leo Ryan Park. The firing line site can be a dangerous area and will be fenced off.

"Organizers request cooperation in keeping clear of the firing line and in not crossing the fenced area," said officials. "The community is encouraged to take advantage of the entire Leo Ryan Park, as well as the vacant lot across from the Recreation Center, for fireworks viewing."

The synthetic turf field at Catamaran Park will be closed, but the boardwalk and surrounding grass areas will be open and available for fireworks seating.

Only blankets will be allowed on grass areas and tarps are strictly prohibited due to the fact that the heat that is captured under large tarps burns the grass below it. Pop-ups are allowed and encouraged over tents, as the heat captured under tents can be damaging to the lawn as well.

All events are smoke free, and Leo J. Ryan Park is a smoke free park.

Note: The possession, use and sale of fireworks of all types are illegal and prohibited in Foster City. Fireworks are subject to confiscation and violators may receive misdemeanor citations and subsequent prosecution.

"Fireworks, in spite of their patriotic association, cause injuries and fires," officials said. "Please leave the pyrotechnics to the experts and do your part to keep July Fourth free of fire and injury."


Alcohol and BBQ Policies

Alcohol consumption will be allowed in Leo Ryan Park until 5 p.m. After 4:30 p.m., the Lions Club beer sales will end.

"Throughout the day, and especially after 5 p.m., law enforcement efforts will concentrate on minors in possession of alcoholic beverages and on persons whose behavior is disruptive or dangerous to others," said FCPD.

Both charcoal and propane barbeques are permitted in Leo Ryan Park. Ashes and expired coals must be disposed of in the designated coal receptacle located east of the Amphitheater and south of the meadow stage. Coal can also be transported out of the park. Under no circumstances can ash or coals be dumped/buried in the park. Also, empty propane containers may not be disposed of in the park.



The City of Foster City does not rent boats or any type of floatation devices. Electric battery powered, wind powered or person powered boats are permitted in the Foster City waterways for the purpose of viewing the fireworks.

However, gas powered boats are not permitted. All boats or floatation vessels are required to have lights. All California State safe boating laws should be followed and will be enforced. For safety reasons, all vessels must stay outside of the firing line. This “off limits” space will be marked with a highly visible buoy system.

"During the fireworks display, the waterway is often crowded and dark, increasing the potential for boating accidents," organizers said.  "A city water rescue boat will be on the lagoon in the evening hours to enforce the fireworks display safety zone and to provide rescue services."


First Aid

For first aid, lost children check-in, police assistance or to report an emergency, please notify the closest police officer or stop by the Amphitheater area to locate city staff.


Schedule, Parking, Dog Show and Recipes

For more Fourth of July fun and information, see the following links:


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