Who's Who in Foster City: Veena Kallingal

Longtime Foster City resident divulges her love of cooking and the Travel Channel

Veena Kallingal spices up her days as a caterer for her business Kamakshi's Kitchen in San Mateo.  Kallingal, a Foster City resident for more than 10 years, enjoys cooking and entertaining people.

What is your favorite dish to cook? Everything.  If people are ready to eat, then I'm ready to cook anything.

What is your favorite park? Farragut Park

What is your favorite Foster City memory? I have a lot of good memories.  I love the restaurant Lotus Garden.  They have good food and it's an awesome place to go.  My family just loves Foster City. 

What do you enjoy watching on television? I love the travel channel and the food channel, and anything to do with food.  My daughter loves National Geographic, so at night it's always that channel.  And the Indian channels.

If there was one thing you could change about Foster City, what would it be? We need more public transport.  Not just in Foster City, but everywhere in the U.S .  That's what I miss about home in India.  If only there was more public transport, then everybody could enjoy more things.

Do you have any hobbies when you're not cooking? Gardening.  I'm a little bit of a pro-green person.  I love to feed the hungry and to go to Samaritan houses, hiking, fabric painting, and reading books.

Is there anything else you would want people to know about you? I just love having friends and entertaining everybody.


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