Who's Who in Foster City: Letty Tse

Former banker retires to baking

Foster City resident Letty Tse retired eight years ago, after working for Union Bank of California.  As a resident for 25 years, Tse has come to enjoy the city's parks and often fills her days with sunshine and baking.

Now that you're retired, what do you like to do in Foster City? Usually just walking and jogging because there's a lot of good places for jogging here.  I volunteer in the church and, basically, that's it.   I go to the library and go to the park.

Do you have any hobbies? Mainly just cooking and baking.

What foods do you like to make? Pastries and  cakes.   I enjoy sweets. 

Do you have a favorite park in Foster City? Ryan Memorial Park

What is one of your favorite Foster City memories? Mainly the lagoons.  Before we moved here, we came from San Francisco, and we couldn't let the kids out because the streets were so busy.  (In Foster City) it was so relaxing.  With the lagoons, the kids started fishing and cycling.  It was more family-oriented.

What do you like to watch on television? We watch what my husband likes…  We always watch documentaries and the Travel Channel or Animal Planet.

San Francisco Giants or Oakland As?  San Francisco 49ers or Oakland Raiders? For baseball, it's the Giants.  For football, it's the 49ers.

If you could change one thing about Foster City, what would it be? "One thing we don't have enough of here is nice restaurants.  You have to go towards San Mateo for better restaurants.  Otherwise, that's it.  I'm happy with the way they maintain the parks and everything here."


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