Who's Who in Foster City: Buz Williams

The former San Mateo High School coach and his wife make their home in Foster City

Buz Williams is a retired San Mateo High School football and golf coach.  Williams coached the school's football team from 1956 to 1996.  After retiring with 40 years of coaching experience, Williams remained active in helping the football team until 2005. 

What was the most rewarding about working as a football coach for so many years? "Just knowing the kids and knowing that they know you help them out a bit."

Williams recalled many Thursday nights when his players would come to his house to eat "magical brownies" cooked by his wife, Lucy, which he joked gave the team a competitive advantage. 

"She would cook brownies and they would eat them and then go out to the game and win the games.  She left a big mark on all the teams."

What do you like to do with your free time now? "I go to football games.  I'm a movie nut; I probably have about 3000 movies on DVD.  So, I have a lot of choices if I want to watch something and Lucy and I exercise and walk a lot."

How long have you been a Foster City resident?"We moved to Foster City in December 1969."

Do you have a favorite park? "No, not really.  They are all very much alike; there's no special one, but they're spread out, that's the nice thing."  It's just refreshing to have (the parks) to break up the housing cluster."

What do you love most about living in Foster City?"There are just very nice people here and it's a nice pleasant community… We were impressed by the planning of TJ Foster, and the way he planned the community and made sure that a certain percentage, no matter what, would be parks.  He made sure there were open areas throughout the city for parks."

Do you have a favorite TV show? Williams said he enjoyed watching The Practice because creator David E. Kelly uses the show to describe unique aspects of law.

"There are some really interesting quirks in the law and he explains both sides very well."

Giants or As? "I've always liked the As and hoped they did well, but I grew up around San Francisco and the Giants just have to be number one around here."

Raiders or 49ers? 49ers.

If you could change one thing about Foster City overnight, what would it be? "I never think of those things as being possible, I learn to get along with whatever is possible.  There's nothing upsetting here that I would change."

Rosanne Wong December 22, 2010 at 05:30 PM
Jason McElroy, the musical director of Bowditch Middle School, should be featured. He is enormously popular.
Moe January 11, 2013 at 05:03 AM
This isn't a popularity contest nor is this the place to post a request for someone to be featured in an article. Please don't try to steal any well-deserved thunder from Buzz. Way to go Buzz. Thanks for the many wonderful years. You made PE very fun.


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