Robots Clash at San Mateo Fairgrounds

220-robots from around the world descended upon the Peninsula over the weekend for an event that attracted hundreds of fans. ComBots Cup VII has already already been featured in more than 360 YouTube videos.

Events that attract the attention of media outlasts as diverse as ESPN, Wired magazine and the New York Times are no ordinary occurrences.

Over the weekend, the Peninsula played host to one of those events, with geeks from around the world gathering at the San Mateo Fairgrounds for a robot combat competition that was equal parts Central Valley and Silicon Valley.

ComBots Cup VII featured contestants from as far as Brazil and Canada. A field of 11 contestants in the heavyweight class included traveled from as far as Florida, Texas and Canada.

The ComBots Cup, formerly known as the RobOlympics, features “the best 220-pound robots from around the world for dominance, cash, and the glory that is the ComBots Cup - 100 pounds of trophy-shaped awesome,” according to its website.

Saturday’s bouts attracted hundreds of fans who watched robots representing some 30 teams duke it out, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

ComBots Cup fans and participants have already downloaded more than 360 YouTube videos from the event, with Sewer Snake vs. Last Rights and Little Kahuna vs. Guillotine among the most viewed.


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