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How Responsible is Your Nanny?

Blog which highlights bad nanny behavior features post about incident at the Mountain View Target.

How well do you trust the person who cares for your child while you're at work?

A shopper at the Target in Mountain View submitted a post to a blog called I Saw Your Nanny about what she felt was a "mother’s worst nightmare."

According to the post, the shopper found a crying little girl named Hannah who yelled out for her nanny Enrica. After soliciting the help of a Target employee, who paged Enrica through the loudspeakers, the nanny appeared from six aisles over. The shopper continued:

Enrica’s reaction? She rolled her eyes, and said, "You knew where I was. Stop crying." in an annoyed tone. No shock at the realization that Hannah had been lost. No concern or apologies or thank yous. Just an eye roll and scolding the girl.

For sure there are outstanding nanny's out there, but nevertheless an industry has arisen of parents who spy on their child's caretakers with things like nanny cameras.

And the tragic death of the two children of former Bay Area executive Kevin Krim in New York slain by their nanny, probably heightened many parent's anxiety level.

What has your experience been with your child's nanny? How did you go about choosing one? Have you considered surveillance devices? Tell us in comments.


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Paul W December 10, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Good lord, nannies are human too! I don't see how you can call the above incident "bad nannying." After all, there's not a soul alive who is going to react perfectly to every little thing that happens to their kid. If this particular kid is difficult to watch and has a habit of wandering every time you take your eye off her for a few seconds, I'd probably get exasperated and react the same way after several such incidences too, especially if I've also had a bad day in other respects. Now, if the woman had struck, hit, or even screamed at the child, then maybe THAT is overreacting. But she didn't. For pity's sake, nannies have a very difficult job and are going to make mistakes, and in all honesty, that one was not a very serious one! Cut them some slack, please.
Claudia Cruz December 11, 2012 at 02:45 AM
Thanks for your comment Paul. I definitely believe there is a broad spectrum and a bad nanny would have probably caused harm to the child (though my mom would have allowed some corporal punishment). What if in those ten minutes the child had been "touched" inappropriately by a stranger? What if the child had been abducted?
Annie Nanny December 11, 2012 at 04:30 PM
A nanny is a mom-away-from-mom. When mom cannot be available, a nanny is there for the children. A nanny loves unconditionally. She kisses ouchies, encourages intellectual, emotional and social development; and provides a safe space for the children. She does all the things that the mother would do if the mother were available. Thus, she too plays a pivotal role in shaping who the children become. http://www.nannies4hire.com
Claudia Cruz December 11, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Thanks Annie! What you describe is certainly the ideal type of nanny. But what do you think about the situation presented. Was it bad that this nanny lost sight of her charge for nearly 10 minutes? Is there a difference from when a mom loses sight of her child in a store and a nanny? Would you cut the nanny some slack, like what Paul said in the early comment?


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