Faces and Places of Foster City: Teen VIBE

Question and answer session with Recreation Coordinator Tiffany Hall

How and when did the VIBE get started in Foster City? I believe the idea of The was actually a result from a survey that the FC Youth Advisory Committee developed in 1998. Through the survey, teens expressed their desire for a place where they could hang out. In 1999, the original teen center opened up where the old FC Library used to be (now where City Hall is). It was to serve as a temporary location to see if there was a need for an afterschool program before a permanent building would be put in place. In 2001, a modular building was the new home for The VIBE until our current building opened up in June 2009.

Who came up with the concept and design? As for the current concept and design, it was a collaborative effort between Recreation Staff, the city’s community development and the architects. It was truly an incredible experience to see how our ideas actually came to fruition. The architects incorporated all of the features that we suggested as well as the facility layout of the rooms. We are extremely proud of our building since it is not only beautiful but highly functional.

What are the most popular activities for the teens? The most popular activities that the teens like to engage in are our cooking activities. Our kitchen is large enough that the kids can cook alongside the staff. We also feature a diner booth in our café area which is a popular spot for the kids to hang out.
Are there any programs planned for the summer? The VIBE hosts our teen summer camp, Camp Breakaway, so there will be a lot of fun activities in store for our participants. Summer weather also means the start of many teen bbqs that are held on our patio which overlooks the lagoon. One of our popular summer activities is an Iron Chef Competition. The VIBE is also available for rentals so we have many birthday parties booked this summer.
What is the best part about being located in Foster City? I’m biased since I was raised in Foster City myself. The best thing about being located in Foster City is the sense of community. We are a relatively small town so people are truly invested in each other and the many opportunities the city can offer. Our parks are gorgeous and the fact that we have an after-school program/center speaks volumes to how much we respect our youth and teens.

How has the center added to the community? As I mentioned above, very few cities can boast that they have an afterschool program for teens. By providing our kids with this beautiful facility, it illustrates that our community supports a safe place for teens to engage in academic and recreational activities.

Candyce Amaya June 21, 2011 at 05:22 PM
Both my kids have spent time at the Vibe and enjoyed it. One thing that is misleading is calling it the "Teen Center". It seems to us that the majority of the kids that go to the Vibe are middle school kids, ages 11 - 13. Once the kids hit high school, there are very few activities that are still interesting to them at the Vibe. I think it's a wonderful place for our pre-teen kids and that's the age we definately need the afterschool care, and the Vibe is open to all kids who have graduated from 5th grade and up.


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